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      Bridal Bodysuit with detachable cape

      Delivery time: 1 - 3 MONTHS Description: All handmade bodysuit with deep plunging halter neckline and open back, embroidered in pearls and crystals featuring with all detailed detachable cape. Bridal Bodysuit: The...

      Elegant bridal jumpsuit

      Delivery time: 1 - 3 MONTHS Description: Elegant slim fit lace jumpsuit, with a plunging V neckline and back like, embroidered with beads featuring feathered puffy sleeves. Details: Model is wearing size...

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      Black Jumpsuit

      Delivery time: 3 -10 DAYS Description: Black jumpsuit with V plunging neckline and back like detailed with shiny beads and feather on the sleeves. Details: Model is wearing size 34 Europe number. The...

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      Lace Jumpsuit

      Delivery time: 3 - 10 DAYS Description: Elegant slim fit corset lace jumpsuit with embroidered with beads. MADE IN KOSOVO

      White Jumpsuit

      Delivery time: 2 - 4 DAYS Description: White jumpsuit, long sleeved, flared bottom, one ruffled sleeve detailed with rhinestones and shiny beads. MADE IN KOSOVO

      Classy Black Jumpsuit

      Delivery time: 3-5 DAYS Description: Black jumpsuit with low V neckline and back like. Handmade details made of stones and silver crystals and sequins. MADE IN KOSOVO 

      Long Cape Pink Jumpsuit

      Delivery time: 3 - 5 DAYS Description: Pink jumpsuit with long sleeves and deep V neckline, sprinkled with stones and crystals. The dress also provides a long puffed out tulle jacket. Details: Model...

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      Denim Suit

      Delivery time: 15 – 30 DAYS Through a new interpretation of handmade where the creativity of new forms of embroidered denim jeans jacket is becoming the new trend of the AD...

      Crop Top & Pants Set

      Delivery time: 15- 30 DAYS This set comes with a crop top jacket that makes your shoulders look wider, combined with high waisted pants that are wide at the bottom with...

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      Seamless Pattern Jumpsuit & Cape

      Delivery time: 15- 30 DAYS Exuding boldness this printed pattern jumpsuit as a graphic pattern A gives you the confident look. This Black and white seamless pattern jumpsuit gives your shoulders...

      Black Wide Pants with Crop-Top & Cape

      Delivery time: 15- 30 DAYS This set comes with a crop top (bra), black loose long pants, and a black belt adorned with silver shiny stones. It provides a long black...

      $1,970.00 $950.00 Select optionsSelect options

      Puff-Sleeve Jumpsuit

      Delivery time: 15 - 30 DAYS This jumpsuit is the definition of effortless elegance. It features the most gorgeous details like the puffy sleeves and black feathers on the chest area beautified with...