Albina Dyla

Albina Dyla is a large company founded in Kosovo. This company provides high-quality dresses to more than 89 countries internationally. Since Kosovo is still a developing country, Albina Dyla’s journey to where it is now was not that smooth.

Early Stages

During the Kosovo War (late 90’s), since the payments for professors of that time stopped, Elvane Dyla, a math professor in Gjakova’s High School, partnered with two of her friends, and at that time they started designing and manufacturing handmade dresses for people around her town. Albina Dyla, a student living in another city at the time, went back home time after time to help her mother with designing and manufacturing dresses. In 2014, Albina Dyla decided to come back to her hometown, Gjakova, and lead this small group of working ladies. In the beginning of it all, there were 4 lady tailors working in a very small workshop. Soon they had to change their workplace and switched to a bigger 70 meters square workshop. During this time, the number of tailors was still small. With hard work and persistency, they got to the point that they had to change their location for a third time, this time changing to one of the locations that is still functioning today. Though having a rough start made the whole process harder, the idea that one day a world wide fashion brand would be named after her is the thing that kept her positive and gave the motivation to keep working on the thing she loved.

Getting bigger

After the first couple of months and all the difficulties with the workspace, small number of workers and the other things that still needed to be changed, the company was invited to take part in Kosovo’s most prominent fashion shows, thus increasing the exposure they had at the time. This helped the company in many ways and soon celebrities in Kosovo started to cooperate with the company on different projects. This way, Albina Dyla gained exposure all around Kosovo, working with orders and specific requests for local and national clients. With the newly gained exposure, the need for a Showroom in the capital, Prishtina, was necessary. On the 17th of October, 2017, the Showroom first opened its doors. This helped with sales outside of Albina’s hometown.

Going International

With all the hard work and sales all around Kosovo, this business was yet to be satisfied. This company was in desperate need of a structure of employees, helping control and maintain order in the company workplace. In March 2019, at just the right time, CEO Ardit Dyla started his position in this company. With this, many other changes started to occur. The company was looking to increase the domain of clients, and that is exactly what the CEO helped with. After a short period of time the company established contacts with international clients and the first international order took place shortly after. With the new structure of employees and the departments that were created at that time, international sales kept increasing. With the success of international sales, a path was paved for this company to increase the domain of clients. This way, there was the constant need for more employees that worked in tailoring as well as departments as: Marketing, Designing, Sales, Human Resources.


“Albina Dyla” is one of the rarest world brands of luxury handmade clothing. We deliver premium handmade products of the finest embellished fabrics as shiny stones and beads, in style and in line with latest fashion trends. With the highest motivation and craftsmanship, we produce evening gowns, prom dresses, wedding dresses, jumpsuits, costumes and clothing for every occasion. To make it sweeter, we also provide free worldwide shipping for the customers around the world. Still proudly based on Kosovo, with sales in more than 88 countries worldwide, this company has now become a large company, employing more than 300 employees. All of this, from a dedicated group with the motivation and thought that: “The difference is on making things happen”.