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Bridal Bliss: High School Friends Turned Lovers, Nia And Shakeel's Vineyard Wedding Will Blow You Away

What started as a friendship in high school for Brooklyn natives Nia and Shakeel was solidified as a union between husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Luke, on May 8, 2021. It had been a journey of more than 15 years for the couple to make it down the aisle. They met in high school and were good friends, choosing to attend Howard University together. It wasn’t until their senior year of college that their friendship organically developed into a romantic relationship and the pair moved permanently together to DC. Shakeel decided to take their relationship to the next level when he asked for Nia’s hand on New Year’s Eve 2019 in a romantic rooftop proposal (more on that in a bit!).

All that being said, it was also a journey for the couple to finally get to say “I do.” The Covid-19 pandemic turned wedding plans for most couples around the country upside down. For the Lukes, their wedding date changed, as did the number of people who could attend their nuptials.

“The pandemic was very tough planning a wedding,” Nia tells ESSENCE, lauding their planner for saving the day. “When we said ‘Yes!’ to our venue, we just knew we would be hosting 250 of our family members. The pandemic hit and everything was different.”

When the couple was finally able to jump the broom last month, doing so in a peaceful vineyard in Virginia after a year of chaos in front of 100 family and friends, it was everything they wanted and more.

“This vineyard made our dreams come true,” she says. “I relive our wedding every day.”

Check out the event images from a love more than 15 years in the making and learn more about how everything came together perfectly for Nia and Shakeel.

The Proposal

On New Year’s Eve going into 2019, Shakeel surprised Nia by popping the question on the rooftop of Brooklyn’s Dumbo House, with a stunning view of the Brooklyn bridge. The perfect place for the natives to take their relationship to the nex level. “I was told by a friend to check upstairs out. When I went to the rooftop on the elevator, it was quiet and no one was outside. I thought it was a mistake until I peaked out the elevator and saw candles, flowers and a photographer,” Nia says. “It was magical and unforgettable.”


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