Best Prom Dress Colors For You

Best Prom Dress Colors For You

Back to the PROM DRESSES, since we have seen that a lot of you dears asked what are the most popular prom dress colors. Here we have made a blog post explaining why and which one is the best for you.

Let’s start with the first one:


The first color is gonna be blue. A classic that has been one of the most popular prom dresses for several years, and honestly, we all know why. Seeing all the spectrum of shades, there’s a blue out there that is going to look great on everyone. So whether you want to go for a classic look or try on something in navy. Want a more modern look? Going toward a vintage style? Then, darling, the right choice for you would be baby blue or powder blue. 

Girl wearing blue dress

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The second one is of course white. Whether you slip into a sultry beige gown or hit the dance floor in a bold, bright white prom dress, this color will always continue to be one of the most popular prom dress colors. Its popularity is in its ability to look flawlessly between classy, glamour, and modern styles. You can easily choose the jewels and also mix them with colors that match your skin tone. Still not convinced? Just let us show you some of our favorite prom dresses and we’re sure going to convince you.

A girl wearing a white dress

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Red will always be a classic color. If you want to look sexy, sophisticated, royal, or just stunning? Then here you have the right color, RED. It matches with every skin tone. That’s why we always see more and more red prom dresses year after year. Just check out this Red Prom dress of ours and let the color speak for itself.

Girl wearing red dress

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Still can’t decide, well you can’t go wrong with a black dress. A color that will always be both sophisticated and sensual. One of the main perks of wearing a black gown is the ability to hide our little imperfections. Black can make your waist appear slimmer and your bust larger depending on the cut and fit.

Girl wearing black dress

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Yellow has been one of the very popular prom dress colors for the last few years too. It’s a color that it can be harder to match your skin tone and hair color, but yellow has returned to the prom runway again and again. Here is one example of our favorite yellow mellow dress:

Girl wearing yellow dress

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We wrote about the 5 most popular colors that people wear at prom. We hope that this blog helps you decide which color you would choose and what kind of dress. Also if you need more help, feel free to contact us our talented consultants will assist you in finding your dream prom dress, but they will also help you assemble your full prom look from shoes to accessories. Let us know in the comment section below if there's a color that you would like to know more about.

For other prom dress ideas, you can visit our prom dress collection:

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