How to choose the best prom dress

How to choose the best prom dress

Hi loves, we decided to write a blog about the 10 best dresses you can choose. We know that trying to find a prom dress can be truly hard, since we all have been there, and we always want to look flawless. 

Having a dress that you can feel comfortable with and that you can also eat in it, that’s the main point when looking for a prom dress. 

So, how to choose the best prom dress for yourself

We know that prom is the time to glam up and get as close to red-carpet-ready as we'll ever be – and of course, it's a lovely send-off from school.

But, choosing the perfect dress can get a bit confusing. It's hard to know where to start with thousands of options from black mermaid dresses to white two-pieces. So, deciding where you want to stop can be a hard journey, then we got the shoes, bags and well accessories which usually take up the most of the time.

Luckily, we did the hard work and we did put together 10 prom dresses for you to have it easier to choose, so let’s have a look at them:

Long red tulle dress


For anyone looking to win the Prom Queen crown, this princess-style dress is the one for you. Pretty in red with tulle, deep v-neckline, and unique corset it's every typical prom look in one. 

Corset Mermaid Dress


Get ready to wow in this dreamy spaghetti straps prom dress. Featuring asymmetric drape detailing and with a unique cut on the chest area designed in stones and crystals, this dress has Love Island finale written all over it.

Short Purple Dress


Typically, most prom dresses are maxi or midi length, but that's not for everyone. If you're looking for something on the shorter side, then look no further than this purple mermaid dress. This color would really pop with nude shoes and silver accessories.



Red will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, and this prom look option ticks all the right boxes. The classic cut gives it a sophisticated look while the square cut and fitted waist adds just a touch of sexiness. Pair with silver shoes to bring out the sparkle.

Short Black Dress


This short black dress fits those who love to have a little bit of sparkles (guilty as charged). Detailed in stones and crystals, only by seeing this picture you could imagine the looks you would get by wearing this, and the best part is that you can wear this one to parties, weddings, and celebrations for years to come.

Girl wearing a black short dress

Green Short Dress


You can never go wrong with a green short simple prom dress. The unique cut makes it very beautiful and it’s a dress that you don’t see many times, you can easily find some jewels to look cute, simple, hot, or whatever style you want – you really can't go wrong.

GIrl wearing green dress

Blue embellished dress with leaf corset


For anyone who isn't in love with the typical prom dress style and prom theme, this one may be for you. The embellished tulle material makes it very comfy and with embroidered crystals, stones, and sequins, it gives a very hard to not look vibe.

Girl wearing blue dress

Pink Fringed Dress


Bring the glam in our head-turning dress that brings elegance to your special evening. This Featuring long sleeves adorned with fringes and a skirt that goes along the knees and the shape of V, adds just a touch of sparkle. Perfect for prom!

Girl wearing pink dress

Long Embellished Dress


Featuring the most gorgeous and unique design like the ruffled details on the sides and the straight lace lines that perfectly blend into the chest area, embellished with crystals, stones and sequins. Another perfect prom look.

Gir wearing nude dress

Long Corset Dress


We all know that neutral colors are in right now, and this dress is a perfect choice. Shiny beads and deep front slit lined with tulle with nude to pink color to prom-worthy status. Silver or nude shoes and simple silver jewelry is the way to go.

Girl wearing corset dress

Here are 10 best prom dresses, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comment section below.

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